About JL

You will be challenged and engaged by using a range of exercises and methods all geared towards your end goal. Keeping things real is a big part of how my clients become successful. So no relying on a diet of lettuce and magic dust. We will make some simple changes that will allow you to achieve your goal without sacrificing your social life or hating every step that we take.

My career began from a young age where fitness was my main hobby. Fitness has been an ongoing journey in my life. As a beginner I had little knowledge surrounding fitness, and very little equipment to help me learn, to begin, I simply wanted to feel better and well just be fitter. A few years passed and I soon had my eyes opened by a rugby coach. He showed me some simple yet effective fitness tests, and began to explain the science behind training, from this day my passion for fitness grew.

Since then over the last 10 years I have remained in the sport and fitness industry both working and educating myself. I spent some time as an outdoor activity instructor, climbing, kayaking, wakeboarding etc. Had many roles in gyms as a instructor, teaching classes, manager and owned my own gym for a few years. All the while undertaking any necessary courses that I needed. Now my education is based around my own interests and something I like to do to keep up to date with the latest training techniques for my clients.

Are YOU looking to take control over YOUR goal? Come say HI and let’s see how I can help YOU.

What I offer

  • One to one training or bring a friend
  • Diet assessment and advice
  • Nutrition and supplementation advice
  • Body re-composition (lowering fat and gaining muscle)
  • Hypertrophy and strength
  • Weight loss
  • General fitness
  • Possibly the most important CONFIDENCE ENHANCEMENT

What you can expect

  • Tailored workouts to suit you
  • Feedback on each session
  • Honesty
  • My attention
  • Motivation
  • Reliable


  • Diploma in sport
  • Level 2┬ádiploma in active leisure
  • Level 3 personal trainer
  • Studio cycling
  • Level 2 outdoor activity instructor
  • Currently undertaking Certificate in higher education of Sport, Fitness and Management.


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